It’s Over 9000!

DBZ shirts have been around Since the 1980s, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z has captivated people around the world ever since. If you are a true fan of DBZ, then you already know to what the title above is referring. If not, then someone you know most certainly will. This line, famously used by Vegeta in an epic battle against Goku in the 28th episode of Dragon Ball Z, resonates across the fandom as a way of expressing that his power level had reached an epic insane level.

This phrase also describes our DBZ shirts on every level, especially in terms of the quality and design. You’re definitely going to want one of these; the sooner, the better. And when you wear it, don’t be surprised if someone walks up to you and yells “It’s over 9000!” Just do them the favor of letting them know where they can get one, too, so they can be as epic as you are pick out your DBZ Shirts today!

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